Secret diet success of losing more than 10 kg in a month.

For women who are always frustrated with dieting, here are some tips for successful dieting! What is the difference between those who succeeded in the diet and those who did not …!? We also asked the experiences of those who succeeded in the diet!

What is the difference between those who succeed and those who do not?
Successful people do not practice “○○ exclude diet”

Dieting with the prohibition of “Do not eat” is a cause of stress. It is important not to endure eating, but to change the way you eat.

[Recommended diet] 42-year-old female doctor who succeeded in losing 15kg shares the recommended way

Successful people do not get on the scale

Sometimes women gain weight without eating because of swelling before menstruation. Therefore, it is stressful to get on the scales every day and to be worried about weight gain and loss.

What you want to refer to is not the weight but the size of the clothes. Make it a habit to check your whole body with a mirror instead of riding a scale.

Successful people are not tied to calories

For example, just because you have two meals a day, you shouldn’t eat a lot in one serving. Dietary control based on adding and subtracting calories is not as thin as you want.

More importantly, GI (glycemic index) and GL (glycemic load), which indicate the rate of increase in blood glucose when eaten. The GL value is an index obtained by multiplying the GI value by the amount of carbohydrate per serving.

It is important to eat from those whose blood sugar level is hard to rise, and to prevent a sharp rise in blood sugar level.

Successful people have hobbies

Some people run for food due to stress. Just as loving suppresses appetite, appetite is naturally suppressed if the brain is satisfied. It’s important not only to be happy to eat, but also to keep up with your appetite, such as immersing yourself in your hobbies.

What are the secrets of a successful diet?
Review exercise and diet

The first thing to review when starting a diet is exercise and eating habits. Exercise does not mean that you have to incorporate special exercises such as running and swimming.It is also good to just walk fast when going shopping or move while conscious of muscles in each movement of everyday life is.

Stretching before going to bed is also effective. Make a simple stretch for about 15 minutes a day to become a habit.

Review the order of eating

In diet, the order of eating is very important. These days, meat first is recommended instead of veg first.

Eating meat before eating vegetables is less likely to cause a rapid rise in blood sugar. It is also said that proteins can be absorbed efficiently.

Four ingredients for success

1. Brown rice
Nutritional value is high, chewing response is high, and dietary fiber is abundant. Eat about half a bowl.

2. Almond

Almond contains vitamin E, dietary fiber, and oleic acid, and has low sugar, so it is recommended for snacks.

3. Vinegar

For recovery from fatigue and constipation. An excellent ingredient that also suppresses a rise in blood sugar.

4. Paprika

Paprika contains more vitamin C than peppers, and is rich in beauty-friendly nutrients such as vitamin A and vitamin E.

Eat when you want to eat

If you want to snack something sweet, do not be patient and try to eat better.

For example, when eating chocolate, eat nuts 30 minutes before eating. This is to avoid a sudden rise in blood sugar. Because you eat only sweets on an empty stomach, you gain weight. Of course, be careful not to overeat.

Prepare intestinal environment

By improving the intestinal environment, constipation is eliminated, and the body is changed to a leaner body that does not accumulate unnecessary fats and carbohydrates. I recommend yogurt. Yogurt is suitable for dieting, such as lactic acid bacteria, protein, vitamin B2, and calcium.

In the morning, it is effective to eat after meals to reduce constipation, and before eating if you want to break down fats and sugars in meals with vitamin B2.

If you eat at night, eating after dinner enhances the discharge of waste products and promotes a smooth bowel movement the next morning. Metabolic function also increases, so you can expect the effect of burning fat efficiently while sleeping.

Success stories of successful dieters
[Successful people who lose more than 2kg in one month]

* “The most effective diet that uses dietary fiber to improve the intestinal environment and loses 2 kilos a month.” (31 years old / office worker)

* “Successful dieting of 4kg a month. The most effective diet was a carbohydrate-limited diet.” (35 years old / part)

* “Stretching and hot yoga are effective, reducing 3 kg per month” (27 years old / office worker)

* “Waking up in the morning and running for only 2 kilos every day, I lost 2 kilos without any dietary restrictions” (34 years old / maker)

* “I didn’t like vegetables very much, but I had a habit of eating vegetables consciously. If I was really hungry, I would have been better with a strong carbonated drink. “(Aged 37 / published)

* “I’m addicted to dance fitness called ZUMBA. I went to a sports club about 4 or 5 classes a week, danced and sweated, and I fell 3kg in no time.”

[Successful people lose more than 5kg in one month]

* “Replacement diet is the most effective. I lost 5 kg per month.” (32 years old / contract employee)

* “I lost 7 kilograms a month. The most effective diet was to avoid carbohydrates” (34 years old / civil servant)

* “I think diet restriction and muscle training were the most effective. I lost 7 kg a month.” (34 years old / civil servant)

* “I had a personal trainer. Professional advice, such as my usual posture, how to eat and how to eat, is something that I can never know by myself. I think that consciousness will change considerably if I pay a little money.” (36 years old / cosmetics manufacturer)

* “I was drinking a diet supplement I bought from an American site. She

was very thin in a short period of time, but she had palpitations and shortness of breath. I can’t recommend it” (31 years old / PR)

[Successful weight loss of more than 10 kg in one month]

* “I lost about 10 kg a month. I think that weight loss and muscle training and diet, and keeping in mind protein and low fat led to weight loss, but I think I lost the most weight when I was troubled by love.” /employee)

* “I reduced my meals, took more time to eat, took a 2-hour break, ran and stretched for 20 minutes. I succeeded in losing 10 kg in a month.”

* “I lost 12 kg in a month. I think the effect was due to a good balance of diet, walking, half-body bathing and stretching.” (32 years old / office worker)

* “I’ve been doing a lot of dieting, but I don’t think there’s anything better than running. I ran 5km every day and 10km on weekends, but I really changed my body. Now that I understand, I can eat as much as I want. “(32-year-old writer)

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