Metabolism and methods to improve metabolism

“Metabolism” is a popular word you often hear in weight loss and diet conversations. It’s said to be good to increase your metabolism, but what exactly is metabolism? What are the benefits if metabolism goes up? This time we will answer such questions! Pick up what you should do to increase your metabolism! Start practicing today.

What is metabolism?

Converting to energy

Metabolism is “to digest and absorb what you eat and convert it to the energy needed for your body to work.”

What are the benefits of good metabolism?

Difficult to become fat

Metabolism improves with muscle gain. When metabolism increases, energy consumption increases, the body becomes thin and harder to get fat.

Beauty effect

When the metabolism of cells improved, it gives skin and hair moisture. Improves immunity, enhances vitality, enhances skin, and activates enzymes to keep the body alive.

Important habits to increase metabolism

Soak in the bath

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Instead of taking a shower, let’s soak in a bathtub to warm the whole body. Improving blood circulation throughout the body, especially during cold weather, can increase metabolism. Just taking a bathing habit can easily improve blood flow and lead to increased metabolism.

Drink hot water first in the morning

Metabolism is up by drinking about 50-60 degrees of hot water to get up from an empty stomach! By heating directly from the inside of the internal organs, not only metabolism is improved, but also cold and improvement of constipation can be expected.

Change the direction of the elbow

Many modern people operate their PCs and smartphones, and their upper body is slightly catish. This posture impedes breathing and worsens the stiffness of the whole body. It is a point that leads to obesity and should be improved.

Then, when you stand upright, rotate the inside of your elbow facing you to the outside by 90 degrees. This will open your chest and deepen your breathing. When you breathe deeper, your metabolism goes up.

Exercise regularly

As muscle mass increases, basal metabolism increases. In particular, it is recommended to increase the muscles of the lower limbs, which have more muscle mass in the body. First of all, raise your basal metabolism by aerobic exercise performed while taking a slow breath. Aerobic exercise also promotes blood circulation and stabilizes the autonomic nervous system.

The recommended muscle training to train your lower limb muscles is squats. By training your lower body, you can expect an increase in the metabolism of the whole body.

Yoga is also effective in promoting basal metabolism and blood circulation. You can also expect a relaxing effect and an effect of adjusting the hormone balance.


Stretching when the body is warm, such as after a bath, is effective in raising basal metabolism. Even a simple stretch of about 10 minutes can promote blood circulation and increase basal metabolism.

Eat meat

Many people think that meat is fat and likely to be fat, but if you choose low calorie meat, it’s OK. For example, beef is rich in L-carnitine, which burns body fat. Chicken is high in protein and easy to digest and absorb, and pork is rich in B vitamins which are required for metabolism.

If the protein contained in the meat is insufficient, the muscles fall and the body’s basic metabolism decreases. Meat can be eaten healthy even on a diet by choosing low-calorie portions and paying attention to the recipe.

Relieve stress

In fact, when you are under stress, the stress hormone called “cortisol” increases in the body. When this increases, basal metabolism falls, and it is easier to get fat. It is important to relieve stress and review the irregular lifestyle that causes stress.

Warm your stomach

Cold body causes poor metabolism. First of all, it is important not to cool your stomach! What you eat and drink is important, but when it’s cold you need to cover it, especially from the outside. Warming here affects the body temperature and metabolism of the whole body.

Wear a warm inner that can reach the bottom, put on a warmer, wrap a blanket, etc.

Eat breakfast

Eating breakfast will warm your body and increase your basal metabolism. However, for the breakfast menu, take “carbohydrate + protein” as balanced as possible. If you lack protein, your muscles will be reduced and your basal metabolism will be reduced.

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