Foods to take during a diet!

Exercise is important for dieting, but eating is even more important! No matter how hard you exercise, you can’t lose weight if you eat poorly. Therefore, this time, we make a list of foods that we would like to recommend you to take positively during a diet. Take it into your regular diet and get a lean body ♪

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What causes you to gain weight in the first place?

More calories consumed than calories consumed.

Basically, if you consume more calories than you take in, you will not get fat. However, if you want to lose weight and only look at the calorie value, it is dangerous. Choosing only low-calorie foods can be counterproductive if you don’t eat enough nutrients.

It is important to keep a healthy and nutritious diet while dieting, avoid stress of “do not eat ”, make a good snacking and changing daily meals, etc., to create a body that is thin and harder to get fat.

Lack of protein makes it harder to lose weight

Insufficient protein causes muscle loss and reducing the body’s basal metabolism. As a result, it is hard to lose weight and easier to get fat. In order to create a sharp body line, muscle protein is essential.

Well-balanced eating is the secret of diet

Exercise cannot cancel out calories you have taken. If you think, “After eating 600 kilocalorie of bread, consuming 600 kilocalorie for exercise is OK!” Please think again now.

When consuming calories during exercise, nutrients such as vitamins and minerals are actually consumed together. Eating calories by eating poor nutrious sweet breads accelerates your body’s nutritional deficiencies.

Some say that, after eating too much, fast for adjustment! However, if you eat too much food, which is low in protein, vitamins, and minerals, your nutritional balance will collapse. You know that you don’t want to take extra calories, but you should eat high-nutrious eggs, meat, fish, and soy.

Foods you want to eat positively to lose weight

Make your body harder to get fat!

Containing of lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria, yogurt is an effective food for diets. It has many effects such as relieving constipation, improving rough skin, and improving health. Eating yogurt is a great way to improve your intestinal environment, reduce excretion of waste products and reduce harmful substances.

Eating timing is good after dinner!

The human body has a daily rhythm of excretion in the morning, digestion and replenishment of what you eat in the daytime, and absorption at night. In particular, between 22:00 and 2:00 the following day, the intestinal function is most active, called “intestinal golden time”. Eating yogurt at that time can further boost the intestinal golden time.

The best time to eat is after dinner. If possible, finish eating three hours before going to bed. After 22 o’clock, it’s easy to get fat, so it’s best to finish eating by 21:00.

Choose non-fat or low-fat yogurts, not fat or sweetened ones, and add honey if you really want sweetness.

Brown rice

Brown rice is rich in dietary fiber. It is also ideal for dieting because it is difficult for blood sugar to rise and fat gained. Also, because you can take vitamins and proteins with brown rice, it is recommended that you replace white rice with brown rice rather than forcibly skipping the staple food.


Almonds are a nutrient that gives good diet and beautiful skin!

Almonds can have six diet effects that would help you lose weight.

1. Prevent wasteful eating!
Almonds are rich in dietary fiber, which increases stomach bulk and improves stomach firmness.

2. Rich in dietary fiber to help constipation!
Dietary fiber encourages intestinal peristalsis. This can improve bowel movements. Dietary fiber also feeds on good intestinal bacteria.

3. The feeling of satiety is improved because of the increased mastication!
Almonds that cannot be swallowed without chewing, which will increase chewing naturally just by eating. This fills the satiety center.

4. High-quality lipids can make satisfy the brain.
Lipids have the function of giving the brain instinctual joy. Eating moderate amounts of almonds can give you satisfaction.

5. Basal metabolism goes up!
As the intestines work actively, the surrounding muscles are moved and energy is consumed firmly. Blood circulation is promoted and basal metabolism is increased.

6. For a body that is hard to gain weight because the hormone balance is adjusted!
It promotes the secretion of testosterone, a hormone that promotes the burning of body fat and the synthesis of muscle, so that you are less likely to gain weight.

The effect of almonds to diet is amazing! Thorough explanation of the natural supplements for beauty and health!


Plenty of nutrients that are good for diet and health!

Koya tofu is nutritious enough to be called “meat in the field.” Nutritional components such as high quality vegetable protein, minerals and vitamins are concentrated.

Notable is the protein content. Protein accounts for about 50% of the ingredients contained in koya-tofu, and its amount is about 7 times that of cotton tofu. In addition, tofu contain nutrients such as soy isoflavones, which have a similar function to the female hormone estrogen, soy saponin, which promotes the metabolism of fats, and vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and dietary fiber, which have anti-aging effects. And it is full of nutrients that are good for your happy health.

High protein low calorie ingredients

High protein, low calorie ingredients are recommended ingredients to build muscle!

First one is chicken breast or fillet. Chicken is low in fat among other meats. Particularly, breast and fillets are representative of high protein and low fat.

Another ingredient is egg. Eggs are an ingredient that can be used in a variety of dishes. And seafood except fish eggs is also recommended source of protein. In particular, white fish such as red tuna and pollock are very good.


Whitebait is rich in calcium. Shortage of this calcium not only increases the risk of osteoporosis, but also has a negative effect on diet.

In fact, calcium is an important nutrient involved in fat metabolism. Enough calcium in the body would suppress fat synthesis and promote fat decomposition. Since whitebait contains vitamin D, which helps to absorb calcium, in addition to calcium, it is a perfect food for conscious calcium supplementation.


Kiwi is the No. 1 nutrient among the main fruits.  A “Sun Gold Kiwi” contain more Vitamin C than 8 lemons, and is also good for aging care.

Kiwi is abundant with dietary fiber, which has the effect of helping you poop, and green kiwi has as much dietary fiber as 3 bananas. In addition, kiwi is a foods with low “GI value”, an index that indicates the degree of increase in blood sugar level after meals. It prevents sudden rises in blood sugar and is also effective against metabolic disorders.

Also, the enzyme “actinidine” contained in kiwi has a function to promote the decomposition of protein, so it can help digestion when eaten with meat and fish dishes which are rich in protein.

Canned fish and fish sausage

Ingredients that make blood smooth!

Fish oil contains the omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA. Reliable ingredients that are rich in vitamin D and increase immunity. However, eating fish on a daily basis is quite difficult, so we recommend easy-to-eat canned mackerel, saury and sardine and fish sausage with DHA.

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