Effect of almonds to diet! Thorough explanation of the natural supplements for beauty and health!

Almonds are packed with nutrients that adult women want to take actively! It is a natural supplement that is good for diet, beauty & health and has no bad effects! Women who care for their body and beauty should definitely take in almonds in their daily lives.

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What are the effects and benefits of almonds?

Almond has six effects that are good for diet
1. It makes you feel full for long time

Almonds are high in fiber. Therefore, bulks grow in the stomach and the stomach is full! It is effective for preventing wastful eating.

2. Eliminate constipation

Ingestion of dietary fiber promotes intestinal peristalsis. In addition, dietary fiber feeds good bacteria in the intestines. This improves bowel movements and improves the intestinal environment.

3. Increased satiety

Almonds that cannot be swallowed without chewing will naturally increase mastication when eaten. Increased mastication stimulates the satiety center, which also helps prevent overeating.

4. Fill your brain

Lipids provide instinctual pleasure to the brain. By eating the high quality lipids contained in almonds, you will be satisfied.

5. Improve basal metabolism

The intestines move actively with dietary fiber, which also moves the surrounding muscles and consumes energy. This promotes blood circulation and improves basal metabolism.

6. Become harder to gain fat

By taking moderate amounts of almonds, it promotes the secretion of testosterone, which promotes fat burning and muscle synthesis.

Almonds are low GI foods!

In dieting, it is controlling blood sugar levels rather than calories. When you eat a meal, your blood sugar level rises, and “insulin” lowers this blood sugar level. Insulin works to store fat using sugar as energy. When this insulin is secreted too much, we become fat.

Therefore, what should be noted in the diet is the GI value, which expresses the degree of increase in blood sugar level rather than calories, and the GL value, which is the GI value multiplied by the amount of carbohydrates per meal. Foods with a GI value of 70 or more is called a high GI food, 56-69 is a medium GI food, and 55 or less is a low GI food. And the important thing is the order of eating. “Low GI foods to high GI foods” is the ideal order to eat.

Almonds are low in sugar and one of the recommended low GI foods for snacks. Also, if you absolutely want to eat sweets, eating almonds 30 minutes before eating the candy can prevent your blood sugar from rising too fast.

Almonds also help increase sleep quality

Almonds are high in tryptophan. This tryptophan is a material for serotonin. Serotonin is a material for the sleep hormone melatonin. Since tryptophan cannot be made by the human body, it is important that you eat well in your daily meals. Tryptophan is rich in protein rich foods like red fish, meat and eggs, almonds, bananas and avocados. For a good night’s sleep, just drink a cup of hot almond milk before going to bed.

Almonds are also effective for anti-aging
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Almonds contain vitamin E and oleic acid. In particular, the content of vitamin E is among the best in all foods! Vitamin E is also called “vitamin for beautiful skin” and promotes blood circulation. It also has strong antioxidant action, protecting the body from oxidative stress. It is an anti-aging ingredient essential for beauty and health.

Also worth noting is the “anti-glycation effect”. Anti-glycation has not yet been fully elucidated, but it is thought that amino acids and other nutrients contained in almonds combine to exert anti-glycation.

Almonds are also recommended for women who want to get pregnant

There are typical nutrients that are effective in pregnancy. They are vitamin E, vitamin D, iron, zinc, and protein. Among them, vitamin E is abundant in almonds. Vitamin E is said to have high antioxidant properties and can improve the condition of the ovum, as well as regulating female hormones and improving the condition of the endometrium and ovaries.

Recommended ways to eat almonds and precautions

Guidelines: Recommeded 25 grains a day

Eat 25 almonds daily.

Almonds are high-calorie foods, so although it contains many good nutrients for your body, if you consume too much at once, you will get fat over calories. Conversely, overdose of dietary fiber may worsen constipation. Fatty almonds also take longer to digest and absorb, which would be a burden to the stomach.

If you take too much vitamin E, it can accumulate in your body and cause symptoms like nausea, diarrhea, liver dysfunction and osteoporosis. Take the right amount for beauty and health, and adhere to the guidelines.

Almond milk is more easy to consume

On the other hand, if it’s hard to take 25 grains a day, we recommend almond milk. Almond milk is a vegetable drink made from almonds and water. It is a healthy drink that can give you the nutrients of almonds as they are.

Not only can you buy them easily at supermarkets or convenience stores, but you can also make your own.

Almond milk is low in calories, low in sugar, and has zero cholesterol compared to milk. It is also lactose and gluten free, so even those who are sensitive to these substances can drink.

Hot pot using almond milk

Hot pots using almond milk make it easy to get plenty of delicious, healthy nutrients. Vitamin E is contained in almond milk, vitamin A in broccoli, vitamin C in lemon and lime. If these are combined, a strong antioxidant effect can be expected! In addition, fiber is combined with fermented foods such as cheese and miso, which helps to keep your stomach well.

Matcha almond milk

If you want to drink something sweet, try matcha almond milk! The savory and natural sweetness is perfect as a snack when you are hungry.

How to make

Warm 250ml almond milk in a pan. In a bowl, add 1/2 teaspoon of green tea and 1 tablespoon of warmed almond milk and stir well. Once it has melted and mixed well, add in the remaining almond milk and complete!

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