Check the BMI and conduct a diet for a sharp body!

How far is it to your ideal weight? How many pounds is the standard? For women with such questions in mind, we introduce the ideal weight calculation method as well as a healthy and correct diet method! Check this out immediately to archieve your ideal body ♪

What is my ideal weight? Check the BMI figures!

What is BMI?

BMI is an abbreviation of Body Mass Index, which is calculated by weight (kg) ÷ height (m) ÷ height (m), and is used to determine low weight and obesity.

Less than 18.5 … thin
18.5 – 25 … normal
25 or more … obese

A BMI of 22 is considered an appropriate weight. Those with a BMI of 22 are statistically the least likely to get sick. However, as BMI is calculated only by height and weight, so even though muscle mass is large and fat is low, it is classified as obesity, or even if classified as thin, cholesterol and triglyceride might still be high.

Therefore, it is important to think comprehensively combining waist circumference, cholesterol, neutral fat, blood sugar, and uric acid.

How to calculate ideal weight

Ideal weight (standard weight) can be calculated by:

[Height (m) x height (m) x 22]

For example, if you are 160cm tall, 56.32kg is your standard weight.

Focus on body fat rather than weight if you aim for a sharp body!

Skinnyness is not the only condition for beauty

“Skinny = beautiful” is an urban legend. Nowaday, it is no longer the only condition of beauty. France even bans employment of models with a BMI of less than 18.

In addition, there are disadvantages of being too thin, too. Too little fat reduces female hormone secretion. Dieting with only dietary restrictions can reduce muscle mass, worsen chills, cause osteoporosis and increase the need for nursing care in the future.

Children born from pregnant women with insufficient nutrients and energy are often underweight. In the future, the risk of the child developing diabetes and lifestyle-related diseases will increase.

It is important to emphasize on body fat over body weight. Rather than just focusing on calories, you should focus on eating a nutritionally balanced diet. It is important to eat mainly high-quality proteins such as lean meats, fish, and beans, combining with exercising to build up muscles.

Muscles are essential to make a beautiful body proportion. Body fat percentage should be less than 30%.

Recommended dieting methods for women for an ideal body

Change your usual meal little by little

Change your usual meals gradually and learn to change your body without overly restricting your diet!

1: White rice → brown rice

Brown rice has the advantage that it is rich in dietary fiber, hard to increase blood sugar level, and hard to become fat. They also contain a lot of vitamins. Using brown rice, you won’t have to skip the staple food while dieting, i.e. reducing the stress of dieting.

2: Frying → steaming

In cooking, it is important to choose steaming dishes rather than frying. You can enjoy the taste of the ingredients themselves by taking the nutrition of the ingredients as they are.

3: Sweet candy → protein bar

It’s important not to refrai from snack but to use snacks wisely to reduce the feeling of hunger. Ideally eat every 3 hours. For a snack, a protein bar is recommended to keep you satisfied for a long time.

4: Sit on train → stand on toes

It is also effective to change daily habits to those with high energy consumption. For example, try to stand without sitting on a train, and stand on toes when standing.

5: Escalator → Stairs

To increase energy consumption, habits such as walking down stairs instead of escalator, or leaving the train a station earlier to walk are also effective.

6: Bend your elbow and stretch it out → Hold your arm

Let’s devise how to hold the bag. Hold your handbag with your arms outstretched instead of bending your elbows down. This alone is enough to tighten the upper arm.

Diet according to the menstrual cycle

The ovulatory cycle in which “ovulation” and “physiology” occur in a woman’s body repeats in a cycle of about 25 to 35 days, with an average of 28 days, depending on the individual. In this cycle, basal body temperature is divided into two periods, high and low, and in each period there are times that are easy or difficult to lose weight.

Efficient dieting is possible if you make a diet plan that suits to the circle of easy to lose weight and difficult to lose weight periods.

1. About 7 days from the start to the end of menstruation … warm up and relax

During this period, poor circulation and cold are likely to occur, so it is recommended that you spend a relaxing time, such as eating and sleeping to warm your body or soaking in a bathtub instead of a shower. Be aware so that you don’t gain too much weight.

2. About 7 days from the end of menstruation to ovulation… Exercise and diet

It is easy to lose weight at this time, so it is recommended to increase the amount of exercise and build muscle. Immediately before the day of ovulation, take muscle training firmly because there is a hormonal balance that increases muscle mass. The meal should be well balanced with three meals. Avoid snacking as much as possible.

3. About 7 days from ovulation … Adjustment of diet menu for menstruation

At this time when the diet effect is hard to show, only do moderate exercise so that your weight does not rebound. Eat three well-balanced meals and change to a more conservative exercise.

4. About 7 days, one week before the next menstruation … Take a break and prepare for menstruation

This is the time when the body is trying to store fat and water, so care should be given to swelling. Avoid salty meals and focus on massages. It is difficult to control your appetite on these days, so it is important to eat moderately to prevent overeating.

Easy tightening training at home

“Plank” to train the core. You can train your upper body, stomach, and back muscles while keeping the same posture.

Five effects of planking

[1] Basal metabolism rises and it is hard to get fat

Plank, which activates muscles by maintaining posture, increases muscles by continuing planking. Increased muscle increases basal metabolism, making the body harder to get fat and easier to get lean.

[2] Give you a body that is easy to balance

Since the training improves the body trunk, you have a more stable sense of balance. The burden on the joints is reduced, and problems such as lower back pain are reduced.

[3] Eliminate stomach fat

Since it is a discipline that trains the muscles around the stomach, it is also effective for eliminating the fat around stomach.

[4] Improve stoop

If your body trunk is weak, you will be stooped. Plank is effective for correcting posture because it build muscles to maintain good posture.

[5] Prevention and improvement of stiff shoulders and back pain

By strengthening the muscles around the shoulders and back muscles with plank, the position of the head is corrected. It is also effective in preventing and improving stiff shoulders and back pain.

There are several variations of Plank, but here are the most standard ones.

First, put both elbows and knees open to the shoulder width on the floor, extend the knees and start. Keep your posture for about 30 seconds. Let’s start with two sets of these. Without stopping your breath, try to align your back, waist, and legs. As you get used to it, gradually increase the time or try to increase the load by closing the legs.

Breathing method to promote fat burning

Fat can be easily burned just by making normal shallow breathing into deep breathing. The body has a mechanism that makes it easier to burn fat with the help of oxygen taken into the body, so if you are aware of deep breathing, you can easily consume energy even in daily activities.

[How to breathe from belly]

[1] Inflate the stomach while breathing slowly from the nose.

[2] Slowly exhale and deflate stomach.

First, on the way home, try a “deep breathing walk” that repeats deep breathing according to the walking rhythm.

  1. Slowly inhale through your nose for 4 steps to inflate your stomach.
  2. For the next four steps, slowly exhale through your mouth and deflate stomach.

The number of steps should be any number suitable for you. One, two, three, four, just repeat the breathing to the rhythm of your walk. It is also effective in reducing stress.

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