7 things to defeat your appetite!

Speaking of the great enemy of diet, it is “appetite”. I want to eat what I like, I want to eat something sweet, I want to eat something delicious, etc. There are many delicious things in the world.

I love ramen anyway.

I ate ramen four times a week, day and night. The soup was quite dry. Of course, it doesn’t mean that ramen is instantly fat, but four times a week seems to be a lot. In addition, I don’t exercise very much. That’s after a long time, I noticed that I gained a lot of weight.

Suddenly, when I saw a photo taken by a friend, I found that I was like two stages thicker than I thought.

From there, I change my lifestyle and lose weight slowly at a rate of 1-2 kg a month.

About three months have passed since the start of life improvement. For the ramen that I once wanted to eat every day, I only want to eat once a week or not wanting it at all. Human appetite seems to be able to change.
The first few days require a little patience, but it only takes a few days. The rest of the time is not too hard.

Here is a summary of the “dietary method that is not painful and stubborn” that I tried.

* Because it was something I practiced with a very weak will, if you have a stronger intention, you may think that I should drive myself more. However, it is certain that even with a “weak will” I could continue for three months, so please try it.

Read a book to learn the basics of diet

The world is full of information about diet. This article is one of them.

However, instead of learning here and there a bit, once you systematically learn “What is a diet?”, it will be a guideline and later, you won’t have to worry which information to look for.

Go to a bookstore, go to a diet book corner, and pick up a diet textbook book that explains the basics of dieting.

I’ve read a few books, but personally, I don’t recommend books with catchy phrases like “You will lose ○○ kg in ○○ days”. I recommend books that explain the basic of diet lifestyle. People often want catchy books, but you should learn and try to adopt the basics first. If you do diet without knowing the basics, high possibility that a sad result – rebound is waiting for you. (from my own experience).

By the way, I read two dietary textbooks, and absorb what were written in common that I think right. After that was a book I wish I read sooner. It was about nutrition and was full of illustrations.

As long as you think of “enduring diet”, you won’t lose weight.

As long as you think you have to do this or that, you tend to be stressful. And you think of eating it again after you succeed on a diet. Then, your hard earn loss weight will be restored.

Instead of “enduring this”, I decided to change my mind about what I want to eat.

Don’t you think you can do that? I’ve been eating ramen for years now that I thought it would be impossible to live without ramen. But I tried. Then, it changed now that it is only about once every two weeks.
People change when they want to change. I was surprised myself that I could changed like that.

First, Change your diet for a week .

In the past, one of the interviewees said, “If you try hard for anything for a week, it will become a habit. If it does not form a habit, it does not fit you, so try a different thing.” Thinking of that, I first change my eating habit for 1 week. This is my case:

Become a moto of the body, did not take too much protein.

Make sure to eat eggs and natto in the morning, and always keep the meat in the refrigerator free of fat. At first I used chicken breast and chicken fillet, but after reading the Tanita cafeteria’s 500kcal recipe book, I unexpectedly used chicken thighs, so I bought a lot depending on the mood and degree of bargain at that time.

Eat less vegetables.

Anyway, buy vegetables sold at supermarkets and make soup in large quantities. Put it in a steam case and cook with vegetables in a microwave. Also, since I ate almost no green and yellow vegetables, always make a lot of spinach + carrot + mushroom namul and put it in the refrigerator. The difficult menus don’t last, so I started with simple ones.

Carbohydrate problem.

If you do all at once, you will definitely get stressed, so I decided to “reduce” instead of “stop”. I was eating tofu instead of rice on the day I could do it … but it would be more happy to have a little rice, just about 4 servings ♡ But I ate roughly the following order: vegetables → protein side dishes → rice, and if I was a little full I do not eat the rice.

Too much salt.

When cooking on your own, reduce salt as much as possible. When the taste is not enough, rely on spices such as garlic and pepper.

Because of a bad habit of thinking cooking is troublesome, I bought all the ingredients at a supermarket at a stretch, so much that I could not use in one meal. I tried to get into a situation where I had to cook, or the ingredients would become bad!

By the way, there were a lot of eating out, but when I started to take it seriously, I found out that “There are surprisingly few candidates in the world where you can eat protein and plenty of vegetables…”, and days that I bring lunch to work with naturally increased.

To be honest, for the first few days, I wanted to eat ramen every day. But I said to myself, “A week for the time being!”, after one week became “It’s normal not eating ramen!” Habits are unexpectedly easy to make.

The cooking repertoire has increased, and now I can make or find delicious foods without having to rely on ramen.

Unless you have an iron heart, I think that the desire to “do something” cannot be erased by “to have to endure something” but to change to another “to do something” . In my case, I erased “I want to eat ramen” by changing it into “I want to eat various delicious dishes”.

Having cute dishes will motivate you to cook, and if you have a lot of fresh food in the refrigerator, you will be able to say, “Okay, I can eat nutritious foods!”

Give rewards without stress.

In my case, I couldn’t “stop ramen completely” because of my will. Because I like it.

That’s why I put these conditions on myself:

“You can eat ramen once a week, and then eat it at noon, preferably with vegetables or chicken. Don’t drink the soup.”

Until now, I had been eating the ramen too unconsciously, saying “Isn’t ramen good at night”, but by deciding to only “once a week ”, I repeatedly search for delicious ramen restaurant. If you can yourself something really delicious, you will be satisfied with a surprisingly small amount.

However, at first there was a day saying, “I ate 2 days ago but I want to eat it today.” Sometimes I ate twice a week. “But I can reduce it from 4 to 2 a week, so it is still good!”. Regretting for 2/weeks seems to be a bad diet. And I adjusted the amount of rice on other days.

By making it “conditionally OK” instead of “never” to eat, the consciousness of the person will not move to “I want to eat”. If you have to refrain something, you want to eat it.

For example, if you can’t stop eating ice after a bath every day, try adding conditio of only once a week or during the day or just a bite. Consult with yourself on what conditions can be maintained. I think it’s easier to do it if you don’t stop eating ice at once, but gradually reduce the frequency until when you can clear it.

Report with friends.

You probably have one or two friends around you who want to diet.

At first, we formed a group, reported each other’s diet and exercise everyday, and praised each other’s actions. The older we get, the less opportunities we are praised. If you are praised, you will be surprised and motivated.

If you think “I have to reply ” or “Is it possible to write such a thing ”, I think it’s good to create a diet account on Twitter etc. and have friends and comrades follow for the time being.

Just keep track of your weight, the exercise you did that day, and what you ate in that account. It’s simple.

I think you can write it in your diary, but in my case, being “seen by others” has tightened my consciousness a lot and if I have a friend who is dieting in the same way, “Because he/she is also doing their best I have to do my best too. “

Exercise, walking or anything.

The decision to go to the pool did not continue because my will was really weak. Because the pool is too far.

Instead, I just walked. I walked using the pedometer app. The goal is 8000 a day. On a sunny day, as long as the foot does not hurt I could walk less than 20,000 steps. “Oh, this city is connected to this city, it’s surprisingly close” or “There are shops that look good” or “Dog walking around here looks like a luxury”… It is interesting because there are new discoveries when I walk.

Here, too , I thought that walking was fun instead of I have to walk. The fun continues, but the sense of duty does not.

I was using a pedometer application called FiNC, but since I know how much calories I consumed, I thought, “If I eat this snack now, all the calories I spent walking will be wasted!” The desire to eat was reduced, and when I registered my friends, I was able to see how much my friends walked that day, and I thought, “I want to do my best.”

After that, I lifted my abs while drying my hair, and did stretching and massage while watching TV.  I believe in the sense of the body, “I continue until it feels hard to pull and then plus 3 times”.

By the way, if you think, “it’s OK to eat because I exercised!”, you won’t be able to lose weight. Getting calories in is easy, but consuming them is really hard.

One day, I notice myself changing my food preferences.

After I had been living around protein and vegetables for about a month, I suddenly realized that one day, “I don’t want to eat ramen so much …?”

A few days later, I thought, “I want to eat ramen today! I haven’t eaten recently, let’s eat at that restaurant today!” . I was supprised when I tasted the soup, “Was it this salty?”.

Of course, the ramen was delicious, but before I was drinking all the soup, now I only want to drink a little. I was full although I ate less than before, and that day I naturally thought I didn’t have to eat carbohydrates at night.

At this point, I realized “I can really change what I like!

If you change your taste, you will be unleashed at the same time. Dieting is really easy, or what I before thought to be”diet” is now my “normal”.

Perhaps the beautiful person saying “I’m not doing anything”, was something like this. “What is normal” itself is different.

Rather than saying “you have to do it all at once,” rather than “having a step by step” habit, your consciousness will be much easier. Once I changed my eating habits and made a habit, I added “walk for an hour every day as much as possible ” and “soak in a bathtub instead of a shower every day ”, and make new habits to yourself. It works.

Of course, there are individual differences, and the time that can be split is different. The diet method that suits each person is probably different.
The only thing I can say is that my will is weak and my habits could change. It’s surprising that I never thought I could stop, but I could. Please try it yourself.

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